דרור קונטנטו |שמלות כלה וערב

About Us

The Dror Kontento fashion house began in 2013 within a small studio apartment in Tel Aviv, specializing in bridalwear and evening dresses. In the past six years it has established itself as one of
the most prestigious fashion houses in Israel, launching collections and photoshoots both in Israel and overseas, alongside numerous critically-acclaimed shows at Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

Dror Kontento’s passion and love for arose during his time as a young student in an ultra-orthodox religious seminary school. Aged twenty-five, Kontento left the rigid and constricted community
of ultra-orthodox Judaism to enter the Israeli fashion world equipped with a sharp eye for fashion, a unique vision for design and an understanding of female body.

Kontento’s pieces come from the desire to blend contemporary fashion and trends from the Western world with ethnic elements and authentic fabrics. Each fabric is personally sourced by Kontento himself, and each piece is uniquely processed, dyed and constructed, resulting in truly individual and one-of-a-kind designs.

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